Mocozift Syrup

Active ingredient: Based on Trachyspermum ammi extract

Indication: Reduction in severity of signs and symptoms of viral respiratory infections (specially coronavirus disease) including fatigue and loss of appetite. The results of this study suggested that Mocozift significantly reduces shortness of breath, cough, fatigue, and loss of appetite. The effectiveness of this syrup on lung problems would be through TGF-beta receptors (2, 3). The results of this trial also indicated that Mocozift meaningfully reduces the duration of hospitalization from 12 days in control group to 7 days. Based on this clinical trial, Mocozift significantly elevated the level of lymphocytes and boost immune system of the body.

Pharmacies and Drug Stores Distributing Mocozift

Mocozift syrup has been distributed in many nationwide pharmacies. Some of them, , although not limited to, are mentioned below:

Tehran Province

  • Tehran

1- 12 Farvardin pharmacy
Address: Tehran, District 11, South Kargar Street, Jang Street
Contact: 02166401016 – 021664783555 – 02166478356

2- Dr. Karimian pharmacy
Address: Shahran, second square, Next to the Imam Ali Mosque
Contact: 02144332329

  • Shahr-e-Ray

1- Shahr-e-Ray Central Pharmacy
Address: Shahr-e-Ray, Razi St., Shahid Pilgoush St. (Aqdasiyeh)
Contact: 02155953575

Alborz Province

  • Karaj

1- Dr. Bigler Pharmacy
Address: Karaj, Mianjadeh, Imam Khomeini Blvd., Adl St.
Contact: 02634573647

2- Dr. Shoushtarizadeh Pharmacy
Address: Karaj, Beheshti St., Kasra St., in front of Kasra Hospital, No. 72, basement
Contact: 02632223054

Mazandaran Province

  • Sari

1- Dr. Ali Kalantari Pharmacy
Address: Sari, 15 Khordad St., next to Resalat Bank
Contact: 01133267203

Fars Province

  • Shiraz

1- Dr. Namjooyan Pharmacy
Address: Shiraz, Qasr Al-Dasht St., Palestine St., Sobhan Building
Working hours: Saturday to Thursday, 8 am – 10 pm
Contact: 07132349459

Qazvin Province

  • Qazvin

1- Dr. Jaleh Pharmacy
Address: Alborz Industrial City, Laleh Square, 22 Bahman Gharbi Blvd.
Contact: 09121812314

2- Shahabzadeh Pharmacy
Address: Qazvin, Kowsar Town
Contact: 02833775585

3- Saleh Pharmacy
Address: Qazvin, Ferdowsi St.
Contact: 02833224969

Isfahan province

  • Esfahan

1- Dr. Radanipour Pharmacy
Address: Parvin St. Sabahi St. Dr.
Contact: 03132281682

Markazi Province

  • Arak

1. pharmacies doctor Mohammad
Imam Khomeini Avenue, next Msjdsydha Tee Kosar Clinic
Contact: 08632236649

Ilam Province

  • Dehloran

1- Dr. Absalan Pharmacy
Address: Dehloran, Khayyam St.
Contact: 08437727155 – 08433727155


Shafa Arad Company: Contact Shafa Arad Co. to get any information regarding distributing pharmacies in Tehran and other cities nationwide.

Tehran: Central office, Tehran
Contact: 02143039000
Direct Contact to Tehran Center: 02143039109 – 02143039110 – 02143039116
Other Cities: 02143039422


BehDane Baran Salem Aabi is a private company in which pharmaceutical and clinical specialists and experts from top universities do research and work on natural medicine. The company has recently been able to introduce its flagship product, Mocosift Syrup, to the market after completing all required clinical trials and obtaining all the licenses of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, as well as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Iran. Mocosift has provenly effects for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19.

Please do not hesitate contacting us in the case of having any question about Mocozift or BehDane Baran Co.; however, please send your questions via email (visit “Contact Us”) then we will answer your questions as soon as possible.


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Shafa Arad Company: Contact Shafa Arad Co. to get any information regarding distributing pharmacies in Tehran and other cities nationwide.

Tehran: Central office, Tehran
Contact: +982143039000
Direct Contact to Tehran Center: +982143039109 – +982143039110 – +982143039116
Other Cities: +982143039422